Hurricane Rina Cancun

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It’s been a few years but once more Cancun is facing the threat of a hurricane, this time Hurricane Rina. Unfortunately, the previous authors of this blog are busy with other projects so I’m afraid we wont be providing so many updates this time around.

Here is the tracking map for Hurricane Rina which updates every 3 hours:
Hurricane Rina Cancun

At the present time, Rina has been downgraded from her previous Cat 2 status and is now expected to remain a Category 1 when she reaches the Cancun area. This is a lot better than things were looking a few days ago and I dont expect there to be much in the way of damage, just some nasty rain and wind.

Heavy rain has just started here in Cancun and if you’d like to follow along please visit the Live Cancun Webcam which updates every few seconds.

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